Win back more time and build a high-performing team with the 10 Laws of The Player-Coach.

    • 1. Have a Game Plan
    • 2. Ask, Don't Tell
    • 3. Create Leaders
    • 4. Fail Fast, Learn Quick
    • 5. Hold Each Other Accountable
    • 6. Always Be Hiring
    • 7. Bench Coach Daily
    • 8. Train Weekly
    • 9. Mentor Monthly
    • 10. Manage The Mist

1. Have a Game Plan

Many teams set a goal but haven’t thought through what the road map is to get there. The most crucial step is gaining consensus on the current situation. Are people on your Team seeing the problem with rose-tinted glasses, or are people overly sceptical about where the Team is right now? The first goal is to calibrate on this and see the current problem in the same way. This clarity of the problem will create psychological safety. Once you agree, you can decide on the desired outcome, the resources needed, generate ideas to achieve the result before choosing the best ideas and implementing a plan. The mantra here is ‘slow down to speed up.

2. Ask, Don't Tell

It is natural for leaders to fall into the trap of wanting to be the person with all the answers. People will not develop their thinking if you keep feeding them the answers. Furthermore, you are less likely to get buy-in from your Team. Learn how to be a facilitator rather than a director. Engage your Team in the creative thought process when developing your game plan and doing problem-solving. Implementation will be far more effective when everyone on the Team understands and owns their actions.

3. Create Leaders

Teams need glue that binds them together. This glue is the team values. However, it would help if you had a core leadership group to model your Team’s values when you are not around. Not only that, if you want to move on with your career, you need to create successors who can step in. Identify your captains. Make sure you invest time in developing leadership within your Team. Otherwise, your Team will not grow, and you’ll never be able to take a holiday!

4. Fail Fast, Learn Quick

Your Team will fail at times; this is where the learning and continuous improvement happen. But without a consistent process to review team performance, necessary improvements are ignored. Implement a daily, weekly and monthly system to check what is working well and what needs improving. Otherwise, your Team’s progress will slow down and not operate at its full potential. Encourage your Team to embrace failures, but make sure you learn from them fast.

5. Hold Each Other Accountable

Now your Team has a game plan. You have successfully facilitated involvement from all team members by applying the ask, don’t tell principle. They are engaged and motivated with a common purpose. They feel relaxed without any fear of making mistakes or getting things wrong. Now your role is to hold them accountable, maintain solid relationships and measure performance against their promises. Without accountability – it’s all just fluff. Make sure you allow your Team to hold you accountable too.

6. Always Be Hiring

To win the championship, you need the best players. You’ll need to decide what skills and attitudes you want on your Team. Skills alone won’t help you win. One bad apple, no matter how good they are, could be the reason you lose. Furthermore, to attract the right people, you have to create a good image both as a company and a leader.

Consider why anyone should join your Team and follow you?

Make sure you are a leader people will want to follow and believe in—your brand matters.

7. Bench Coach Daily

In sports, you’re in the game once or twice a week. In business, it’s five days or more a week. Therefore it’s important to acknowledge individual contributions daily. Make sure you build in time to provide positive feedback and areas of improvement. Don’t ignore people, even if you think they are doing well and don’t need to hear it. Praise when they deserve it, stay objective and avoid subjective feedback, look out for it daily, and aim to keep your feedback ratio 3:1 in favour of positive vs what they need to improve on.

8. Train Weekly

Many business leaders underestimate the power and influence they have when they deliver training to their Team. They may see it as a chore or something the learning and development function is responsible for providing. I have seen the most significant ROI for leaders on their time from delivering training. Just 30 minutes a week on a specific topic will significantly improve performance. You wouldn’t go through the season without a focus on training, why would you do it in business? Make every training session count.

9. Mentor Monthly

Many leaders do not take their role as a mentor seriously enough. Over time, team members miss out on valuable thinking time with their managers. Avoiding mentoring your team members reduces action taking and accountability. Mentoring conversations are goal-orientated conversations that make a difference and will ultimately shape your legacy. Your team members will remember how you helped them grow personally and professionally forever. We all remember people who touched our lives and helped us grow. Now it’s your turn to pay t forward.

Diarise monthly 121s with every team member. Mentoring is a skill. The more you do it, the better a mentor you will become.

Bench coach daily, train weekly and mentor monthly. Use this system, and you will create exponential growth in your Team.

10. Manage The MIst

Your ability to succeed as a player coach is essentially an attitude of mind. You will live, work, and lead at your full potential with the right mindset. Your choices rule virtually everything you do in your life. You can choose to focus on the negative or the positive; you can get stressed about things beyond your control or focus on those you can influence. An obstacle can be a barrier to performance, or it can be an opportunity to learn and improve. These choices and managing your emotions and thoughts under pressure will directly impact your performance and how you transition beyond the player-coach.

Commit to the Blueprint, and watch your team transform into a high-performing team. The Player-Coach Blueprint is a powerful, proven way to get more time back, retain your best talent and deliver personal targets. 

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