Our proven methodology has helped hundreds of businesses raise their game.

The Player-Coach

The Player-Coach course is for business owners who are building a small team, senior consultants who are stepping into a managing consulting role or your current team leaders struggling to keep up with leading a team and billing.

The Player-Coach course has helped 3000+ business leaders build winning teams that scale since 2012. They have become better leaders, improved their coaching and mentoring skills, and learnt how to deliver inspiring training to their teams—all whilst focusing on their targets.

The Game Plan Workshop

This is a vision and strategy workshop that creates clear actionable goals. It has transformed more than 250 leadership teams worldwide. There are no slides, no lectures, it is a workshop that creates momentum and accountability. You and your team will work on real projects that deliver results to your business.

Our approach, the projects, the way we facilitate, the level of challenge, the number of questions asked, the concept of doing is learning, the support, and the way your team will align on this workshop are incredibly effective.

The 4 Keys Mastermind

The Team Head Coach Mastermind is a programme for business owners founded in 2017 by Andrew Sillitoe.

It focuses on our shared purpose to provide business owners with the tools to be healthy and increase balance in their lives while scaling their businesses.

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