The Game Plan Workshop

The most successful teams have a game plan. Great teams want to continuously raise their game, transform their business and make significant strategic decisions confidently. This 1-day workshop in-person or online will align you and your senior management team with your vision and create a 90-day game plan.


This is a vision and strategy workshop that creates clear actionable goals. It has transformed more than 250 leadership teams worldwide. There are no slides, no lectures, it is a workshop that creates momentum and accountability. You and your team will work on real projects that deliver results to your business.

Our Game Plan workshop is unlike anything you’ve seen before. We focus on the main areas that are most demanding for your business to grow and scale by transforming into a high-performing team.

Our approach, the projects, the way we facilitate, the level of challenge, the number of questions asked, the concept of doing is learning, the support, and the way your team will align on this workshop is incredibly effective.

It will change how your team think and feel about their actions as they build the confidence to make big decisions that affect the strategic direction of your business.

What We Cover

Use data and insight to create a forward-looking strategy that drives decision making and action.
— Develop the ability to create and maintain high standards, which are transparent, and sustainable and inspire better team performance.
— Identify problems that could be holding you and your business back from achieving its vision.
— Learn how to brainstorm and conduct critical thinking in the most efficient way.
— Enhance your team brand to improve execution in the wider business.
— Help you embrace change and become more agile when there are macro changes

Game Plan Workshop Overview

Our elite coaches and facilitators will help you align your team with a vision and roadmap in this 1-day workshop.

Who's it for?

More than 250 senior leadership teams have experienced our Game Plan workshop to inspire change, align their team and grow their business.

The 1-day workshop is for senior management teams who want to have a clear game plan that accelerates business growth. It’s for teams willing to ask themselves questions, challenge their peers, and take away practical actions they can implement right away.

How does it work?

The Game Plan workshop is built on 3 key areas:

1. Where is Your Business Going?

As a business owner, you may be clear about what you want to achieve. Your team may understand this at an intellectual level. But to see real change and commitment your team need to understand it on an emotional level. Like sport, you have to win the locker room first.

2. Where Are You Now?

Many teams miss this step. They don’t want to talk about the ‘elephant in the room’. But these misdiagnosed problems show up eventually. Getting consensus on team and business problems is critical to your success. It creates psychological safety and ensures everyone is seeing the problem through the same lenses. Once you are clear on the current situation, you can move on to the next step – 90-day outcomes.

3. How Will You Get There?

This is where your team create a 90-day road map by identifying desired outcomes and necessary resources, brainstorming ideas, and choosing the best way forward with an actionable game plan.

Throughout the workshop, you and your team will have the support of highly skilled facilitators who will challenge your team to go further and explore areas of improvement.


£1850 (£500 off for Team Head Coach members)