The 4 Keys Mastermind

Have you become so focused on your business that you don't realise your health is deteriorating and your relationships are breaking down?

Running a business is more than a job. It’s an all-consuming passion and a way to serve your team, clients, and family.

But we have seen too many business owners who are hyper-focused on their work, their health has deteriorated, their relationships have broken down, and they feel mentally overwhelmed. And, their businesses have suffered because everything else has fallen apart.

To achieve all your goals, you must not neglect the stuff outside work.

The 4 Keys Mastermind shows you how to balance time growing a business while staying healthy, maintaining solid relationships, and managing your mindset.

The Mastermind will give you the roadmap to better your health, improve personal relationships, and reduce stress levels while you grow your business.

The Mastermind Overview

Who's it for?

If you’re looking to grow and scale your business, this Mastermind will give you tools and provide you with a community of business owners who understand you. Business owners like you who want to build a profitable business without ruining their health and relationships.

How does it work?

There are three areas to help you level up.

1. The Lessons:

There are 40+ video lessons created by Andrew Sillitoe that are available for the duration of the Mastermind.

What we cover:

— Gain more clarity about your vision and purpose in life, giving you a clear way forward.
— Learn how to structure your mornings to help you ‘win’ daily.
— Become more present in your relationships as you reconnect with your loved ones.
— Build your confidence in your business and personal life.
— Improve your health as you lose body fat and increase your energy levels with simple daily steps.
— Discover how to manage your thoughts and emotions, making you bulletproof under pressure.
— Develop laser-sharp focus and unbreakable mental toughness.
— Finally, understand how to love and appreciate yourself truly.
— Increase your physical strength, making you feel like you were back in your twenties.
— Follow a proven structure to help you achieve your professional and personal goals faster than ever.

2. Weekly Group Coaching Call:

We discuss a specific topic and Mastermind around challenges you are experiencing. The weekly call is designed to guide your thinking and ignite insights about how you want to show up as a leader. You’ll post your actions in the private mastermind group to increase accountability.

3. Your Squad:

The core of this Mastermind comes from connecting with a smaller group of peers who have similar goals to you. You will meet with this group every week. Performance improvement comes when you challenge and support each other. You can expect a significant level of challenge, and the more you contribute, the more you will improve.

What is the time commitment?

You should expect to spend about 2-hours per week on the course to get the most value. However, the real work happens outside the Mastermind, and we’ll keep you accountable every week.

What technology is required?

— Computer – Desktop or laptop
— Internet access
— Discourse – This digital platform serves as our 24/7 discussion board and student portal. It’s where you will find all the prompts, post your work and engage with your peers.
— Zoom – To participate in the live weekly coaching calls, we will use Zoom.
— Camera and microphone – To participate in the Zoom calls, we encourage you to have a mic and a camera.


The 4 Keys Mastermind Membership – VALUE £1995

1 x Place on the Player-Coach Course for You or a Member of Your Team – VALUE £995

50+ Videos with Step-By-Step Instructions to Help You Level Up VALUE £495

Access to a Powerful Community of Likeminded Business Leaders VALUE £495

Access to An Archive of Content with Tips to Help You Improve Physically and Mentally

£500 off our Game Plan Workshop



MONTHLY FOR £195 – (6-Month commitment)


Not Your Typical Business Coaching Programme

Life in 4 keys

In the Mastermind, you will discover how to live your life in 4 keys (business, body, relationships and mindset), improving all aspects of your life. Discover how to reconnect and form stronger relationships with your loved ones. Turn back the years to get a stronger, fitter, healthier body and feel more mentally robust as you work on your mindset and become laser-focused on your future.

The Network

Having community support is vital to help you stick at anything. That’s why when you join the Mastermind, you will also get access to the private community of entrepreneurs, founders and business owners so you can mix with others that are going through the same challenge as you and keep you accountable.

Our Promise

Commit three hours per week, and you will transform your business, body, relationships and mindset. You’ll discover better ways to grow and scale your business. And you’ll learn lifelong lessons to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Along the way, you will meet other agency owners, find support and insight and discover the core principles of what it means to work on your business instead of merely in it.

Our methodology is more significant than a bunch of videos. The strength of the Team Head Coach lies in the real-time discussions with others who are on the journey with you.

You’ll give and get more challenge and more support in this course than most agency owners find in a lifetime. And you’ll discover the tactics and strategies to level up professionally and personally.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

I can honestly say my business is in better shape. My relationships with my family are better than ever. I have a better relationship with fitness and have found the balance I was looking for. Andrew’s 10 daily habits have transformed my mindset and I mean transformed!! I feel like a new man and I didn’t even really feel like I needed it – But I did!" I have signed back up for another 90 days!!!

Mark BracknellMastermind Member