The Player-Coach

This course is a powerful, proven way for you to scale your business. 3000+ business owners and managing consultants worldwide have discovered that they can balance leading a team with their own targets once they learn our unique system.

The Toughest Job in Business.
The Key to Unlocking Growth

The Player-Coach course combines coaching skills from elite sports with real-world business.

The majority of player-coaches are high performing contributors. They are very skilled, so they are often given the player-coach role. However, they may lack the range of team leader competencies, time management, coaching skills, goal setting, and delegation skills needed to succeed. 

This lack of skills is a big problem for businesses wanting to scale. Lack of team leadership skills can have a very detrimental impact on business growth, such as:

  • Poor time management creates stress and burnout for the player-coach.
  • Low productivity due to team members feeling neglected and demotivated.
  • Toxic team culture as team members become disillusioned and apathetic.
  • Poor retention of team members as they leave and go to the competition.
  • Performance drops when the Player-Coach focuses too much on coaching and not their personal objectives. 

We keep training simple and easy to apply in real-world business. Management consultants will implement a unique system based on a tried and tested method, which, when delivered consistently, allows them to focus on their billing while growing their team.

The Player-Coach Course Overview

Business psychologist and former Team Great Britain coach, Andrew Sillitoe designed this course to remove bottlenecks and unlock growth in your business.

Who's it for?

The Player-Coach Course is for team members who simultaneously hold personal objectives (sales targets, projects) and team leader duties. 

The Player-Coach may be small to medium-sized business owners, sales consultants, project managers, or team leaders. 

They are required to make management decisions, build a winning team and deliver personal objectives.

Course outcomes:

Increase productivity and profit per head so the business can reinvest and scale faster.
Align teams with a common goal to achieve the ‘golden thread’ throughout the company.
Improve employee engagement and retention to prevent the business from retracting and slowing growth.
Identify and develop future leaders who will continue to build winning teams.
Build a culture of accountability so that everyone levels up and raises their game.
Create a 90-day Game Plan (with presentation) ready for implementation after the course.

How does it work?

The Player-Coach course has three elements:

1. A 5-Day Sprint:

The Player-Coach Course kicks off with five x 2-hour modules every day for a week. These take place on Zoom, facilitated by one of our elite trainers.

What the modules cover:

Module 1: How to align your team with clear objectives
Module 2: How to attract and keep the best talent
Module 3: How to design a deliver inspiring training
Module 4: How to drive performance on the sales floor (including virtually)
Module 5: How to be a great mentor and build strong relationships

2. Embed and sustain learning with the Team Head Coach Academy

It is scientifically proven that people begin to forget 70% of what was learnt in a training event as soon as they leave. We don’t let that happen. By attending the Team Head Coach academy participants will accelerate their performance and ensure they implement new leadership skills back in the business.

Meet with the group weekly and share their progress since the training. Review their 90-day game plans and hold them accountable.

Discuss real business challenges, share ideas and create an action plan.

Refer to the online video training to keep their memory fresh and then create further commitments based on each key topic in training.

Focus on the system – Bench coach daily, train weekly and mentor monthly.

3. Online videos with prompts

Video 1: How to Create a Game Plan
Video 2: The Art and Science of ‘Ask, Don’t Tell.’
Video 3: How to Create Leaders So You Can Scale
Video 4: How to Fail Fast and Learn Quick
Video 5: How to Create a Culture of Accountability

Video 6: How to Attract and Develop A-Players
Video 7: How to Design and Deliver Training That Get’s an ROI
Video 8: How to Coach Better Performance on The Sales Floor and Virtually
Video 9: How to Be an Inspirational Mentor
Video 10: How to Tell Stories That Are Engaging and Inspire Action

What is the time commitment?

The duration of The Player-Coach Course is one week with a year’s access to the Player-Coach academy.

You should expect to spend about 3- hours a day on the course modules in the first five days and 1-2 hours per week during the sustain and embed phase. Participants will develop their management tool kit, post their work, give/receive feedback, and engage with their group.

What technology is required?

  • Computer – Desktop or laptop
  • Internet access
  • Join the Team Head Coach platform – This digital platform serves as our 24/7 discussion board and student portal. It’s where you will find all the prompts, post your work and engage with your peers.
  • Zoom – To participate in the live training, we’ll use Zoom.
  • Camera and microphone – To participate in the Zoom calls, we encourage participants to have both a mic and a camera and not share laptops or a boardroom with colleagues.


  • The cost of our in-house course for up to 12 participants is £12500
  • The cost of our open course, which takes place in February, June and October, is £995 per person.


What We Expect from Participants

The course is a 5-day sprint. Participants get access to the Player-Coach Academy for weekly 45-minute sessions. There are 10 lessons, led by business psychologist and former elite athlete Andrew Sillitoe, where he shares the 10 Laws of Leadership. Each law is broken down for you.

The live sessions are interactive, meaning there are no lectures or slides. This is how real learning happens.

Most of your time is spent working on your coaching and leadership skills, specific to your current situation and business goals.

You’ll be doing the work that leads to results: We focus on peer to peer coaching, helping you level up. And they’ll be doing the same for you.

Show up for live sessions, be present, put your ego to one side, and you’ll get back far more than you put in.

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Instead of a series of lectures, you’re enrolling in a programme with other team leaders with similar challenges to you. Your contributions to the group make the course work.

It enables everyone to raise their game.