I was fortunate enough to complete the Player-Coach Course. I found it extremely engaging and very enjoyable. Confident I can speak for the rest of the Thor management team in saying it was great fun and brought us even closer as a collective. Above all else it provided me with a comprehensive tool kit for driving myself and my team forwards. I would strongly recommend the course to experienced sales team managers as well as those early in their management journey.

Luke Cunliffe
Player-Coach Course

I can honestly say my business is in better shape. My relationships with my family are better than ever. I have a better relationship with fitness and have found the balance I was looking for. Andrew’s 10 daily habits have transformed my mindset and I mean transformed!! I feel like a new man and I didn’t even really feel like I needed it – But I did!" I have signed back up for another 90 days!!!

Mark Bracknell
Mastermind Member

As a result of attending a 5 day course, I feel I was able to re-invent myself as a manager and became so much more aware of what it was to be a leader. Having a sports background myself, his use of sporting analogies struck a real chord and enabled me to really engage and digest the content.
Following the success of the 5 day course for me as an individual, I/we have since further engaged Team Head Coach to come into our organisation and support me developing the next wave of managers and creating the foundation for the future leaders in our business.
I very much value the input, even over a limited period of direct interaction, and I look forward to continuing my work with him for years to come.

Samuel Sutcliffe
Player-Coach Course

I can’t recommend mastermind enough or thank the group for providing constant support and encouragement along the way

Mark Baker
Mastermind Member

After 7 training sessions and excellent ongoing help I would recommend the Player-Coach course to any business or individual looking to get more from themselves.

James Bliss
Player-Coach Course

Most telling is that my relationship with my wife is amazing. She can see that I am happier, healthier, and less stressed.

Brian Johnson
Mastermind Member